Benefits of Living in a Mobile Home Retirement Community

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The foundation of a comfortable and rewarding retirement is a home that fits your budget and your lifestyle. While mobile homes retirement communities may not be your first thought when it comes to living your best post-work life, 55+ communities are quickly gaining in popularity, and with good reason. Easy to afford, easy to maintain, and often desirably located, there are many advantages of living in a mobile home retirement community. Here are just a few.

Mobile home retirement communities are affordable

Comfortable looking home in mobile home communityMany retirees need to work with a limited budget, but that shouldn’t put a great retirement home out of reach. Mobile home retirement communities, like the ones at Bedrock, provide affordable access to beautiful manufactured homes.

The cost of a manufactured home is, on average, 10-35 percent less per square foot than a traditional home, and one study showed that manufactured homes’ monthly costs were, on average, one-third that of traditional homes.

Manufactured homes also cost less to maintain (with maintenance conducted by the property management) and come with lower utility expenses. Sometimes, your utilities are included in your lot rent. Even better? If you rent your land instead of purchasing it, you may also be able to avoid paying property taxes.

Mobile home retirement communities are desirably located

Inexpensive housing may be easy to find, but affordable homes in great locations are a little harder to get, unless you choose a 55+ mobile home community. You can, for example, enjoy Florida’s beautiful beaches and warm weather without exceeding your budget, if you choose the right mobile home retirement community.

Mobile home retirement communities are often located near beaches, within bustling towns, or beside sought-after cities. That leaves you the ability to choose exactly where you want to retire, without worrying about whether you can afford it.

Here at Bedrock, we offer a wide range of communities throughout Florida. Each is located in beautiful locations where you can easily access some of the state’s most sought-after cities, towns, and beaches. That makes pursuing your retirement dreams more rewarding, and more achievable.

Mobile home retirement communities are easy to maintain

Often, 55+ manufactured home communities will provide maintenance of the homes and grounds through property management. In addition, many of these communities provide services that make it easy to keep up with your daily to-do list. For example, trash collection or on-site laundry facilities make it convenient to get chores done so you can focus on enjoying your retirement.

Mobile home retirement communities offer social connections

Charming looking older coupleWhen you join a 55+ mobile home community, you don’t just get an affordable house in a great location. You become part of a network of people who offer support, friendship, and assistance along your retirement journey.

For example, your neighbors may watch your pet while you go on a trip, check up on you if you deviate from your daily routine, or offer support such as meals or laundry help if you become ill.

Add in social activities organized by the community, clubhouses where you can gather with others for fun and games, and the ease of stopping by to say hello to your neighbors, and your retirement community can become a source of meaningful connections and friendships that will ensure that your retirement years are never lonely.

Mobile home retirement communities have lots of amenities

Never be bored when you choose to live in a 55+ manufactured home community. These locations are known for offering a wide variety of amenities that allow you to be as busy as you want to be.

For example, here at Bedrock, each of our communities boasts clubhouses, social activities, games, boat ramps, pools, or other amenities that make pursuing your favorite activities easier than ever.

You can rent or purchase manufactured homes

There are advantages to both renting and purchasing a home, and mobile home retirement communities allow you to do both.

Benefits of renting

Why consider renting your mobile home? Consider these benefits of renting:

1. No Home Maintenance Costs

Regardless of whether you buy or rent, property maintenance is provided through your mobile home community. However, when you choose to rent your manufactured home rather than buy, you also avoid the costs, and stress, associated with maintaining that home. That can give you freedom to pursue a more relaxed retirement.

2. Fewer Upfront Costs

When you choose to rent a manufactured home, you also incur fewer costs upfront. You do not, for example, need to provide the down payment or closing costs that are included in a home purchase. That can put your manufactured home within financial reach.

3. Ongoing Flexibility

Renting also gives you flexibility. If your home doesn’t work for you, or if your housing needs change, you can relocate more easily than if you purchase a house and then need to sell it.

Benefits of buying

Why consider buying your mobile home? Here are few advantages of buying:

1. Consistent Monthly Payments

Your monthly mortgage payments might change a little bit, but you never have to worry about rent increases that eat into your monthly budget.

2. Appreciating Property

Homes often appreciate value over time. That makes purchasing a manufactured home an investment that can improve your financial health over the long-term.

3. Customization Options

When you own your own home, you have the option to make it exactly the way you want. Engage in renovation, updates, and personalization projects that can turn your home into the retirement oasis you are dreaming of.

Here at Bedrock Communities, we offer manufactured homes within our communities for both rent and sale. That means that you can afford attainable luxury in Florida’s most desirable locations regardless of whether renting or buying works best for you.

Bedrock Communities exists to make affordable and relaxing retirement possible. Check out any of our 55+ mobile home communities today and discover the comfort of a community designed with you in mind.

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