Floral City: One of the Best Places to Retire in Florida

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Stately and historic, Floral City has earned both its nickname “Old Florida,” and its reputation as a peaceful place to retire in Florida. While once larger than Miami (Thanks to the presence of phosphate mining), Floral City is now a small town of just over 5,000 residents. Here, rural living and a neighborly atmosphere go hand-in-hand with history and natural beauty. This is a small town that takes pride in its history and its offerings, and it is a place where you can enjoy a quiet and fulfilling retirement surrounded by the best that Florida has to offer.

What to Expect

Trees covering roadArea

Floral City is technically a census-designated place (CDP) located 70 miles north of Tampa and an hour west of Orlando in Citrus County. The nearest city, Inverness, which also serves as the county seat, is not much bigger than Floral City, and the area is known more for its gorgeous state park and untouched natural areas than for its big-city amenities. The area is also known as a retirement-friendly haven, where 55 percent of residents are above the age of 45 and the cost of living is 18 percent lower than the state average. With a proud history, endless outdoor activities, and a close knit, neighborly feel, Floral City is a beautiful location to enjoy the best Florida living for seniors.


Floral City’s climate is both rainier than the national average and sunnier than the national average. With 52 inches of rain per year, and 247 sunny days, the city enjoys a warm, humid climate that nurtures an abundance of vegetation. Average summer highs are 92 degrees, while the winter lows rarely get below 45 degrees. That makes for a warm, but very livable locale, ideal for retirees who are tired of shoveling snow, driving on ice, or dealing with the cold.


Floral City meets the national safety averages comfortably, with a safety rating that is the same as 50 percent of all other similarly-sized cities in the nation. The western part of the area is the safest, but there is no neighborhood or areas within Floral City or its environs that is truly dangerous, which makes this small city exceptionally safe for retirees looking for a quiet and secure environment to enjoy their work-free years.

Practical Living

Two People Walking DogAirport

Floral City’s rural location means you will need to travel just over an hour to the nearest major airport: Tampa International Airport. Located about 70 miles away, highways like I589, I75, and I275 provide a fairly efficient pathway to the airport. Just make sure you budget time and parking money to get there and back. There are also a number of paid airport shuttle services you can take for more convenient access to the airport.

Getting Around

Floral City is best navigated with a car, due to its rural location and the fact that attractions, shopping, dining, and services are generally spread out, or only available 10 miles away in Inverness. Public transportation is sparse. However, you can also hire a ride through the multiple services available in the county.


Floral City has a few shops within its town limits, such as the Red Brick Place consignment store and chain stores such as Publix, Dollar General, and Sam’s Club. However, you can access even more options in nearby Inverness, where a trip of just a few minutes gives you access to antique stores, outlet stores, craft stores, and more.


There are no hospitals within the limits of Floral City, but Citrus Memorial in Inverness is just a short drive away and accepts Medicare. For more day-to-day healthcare concerns, Access Healthcare Physicians, LLC, provides access to general physicians right in Floral City.


Despite its rural location, Floral City has a diverse array of banking options available right in town, including ATMs, banks, and financial consultants. As a result, Floral City makes it easy to manage every aspect of your retirement finances without ever leaving town.


Taking care of your mail is also simple in Floral City, thanks to the presence of a United States Post Office within town. In addition, the city houses a UPS store and a Fedex location. Purchasing supplies, buying stamps, and mailing packages is all very convenient within the downtown area of this small city.

Things to Do

Floral pathwayBeaches

One of the greatest advantages of Florida living for seniors is that you are never far from the beach. Floral City sits about 1 hour 45 minutes from famous Clearwater Beach. That puts swimming, sunbathing, boating, fishing, and more within reach and makes the beach a fun and accessible day trip.

Withlacoochee State Forest

Floral City sits just 10 minutes from the third largest state forest in Florida: Withlacoochee State Forest. This sprawling natural preserve is bisected by the Withlacoochee River, which wanders through 13 mile of the forest. Here you can walk the many trails, soak in the stunning wildlife and natural beauty, and enjoy birding and horseback riding in this most beautiful Florida gem.

Tsala Apopka Lake

Even closer to Floral City is beautiful Tsala Apopka Lake, which is actually a chain of lakes that form the Cove of Withlacoochee River. With an open water surface area of more than 19,000 acres, this beautiful natural area is ideal for any number of water-based activities. Here you can enjoy fishing off more than 20 miles of shoreline, swim, and boat. Our tranquil Singing Forest community sits just 2 miles from the lake’s shore for easy access to all of its beauty and recreational activities.


Floral City is also a wonderful place to ride bikes. Several trails run through or near the city, including the well-known Withlacoochee State Trail. Enjoy the weather, nature, birds, and other bike enthusiasts on these trails, which are ideally located for easy access from Floral City.

Find a Home

Singing Forest mobile home communityBedrock Communities Living

With a median home price of $230,000, Floral City is neither the most expensive nor the most affordable place to live in Florida. However, regardless of your retirement finances, Floral City is one of the best places to retire in Florida because our Singing Forest community offers quality manufactured homes for a fraction of the cost of housing in the area. That makes Florida living attainable on any budget.


Our Singing Forest community provides features that make it easy to enjoy Florida retirement. Enjoy the following features:

  • Beautiful, mature trees
  • Abundant birds
  • Pond and lighted fountain
  • A short drive from shops, dining, entertainment, beaches, and big cities
  • Beautiful mobile homes for an affordable price
  • An active and friendly 55+ community


In addition, our Singing Forest community has many amenities that make it easy to enjoy life within the community. Discover the appeal of amenities such as the following:

  • Gazebo and grilling area
  • Social activities
  • Clubhouse
  • Shuffleboard courts
  • Billiards
  • And more

An active and rewarding retirement is within reach when you choose sunny Florida living at Singing Forest. Beautiful, affordable homes, a strong community, a beautiful area, and many activities make this one of the best places to retire in Florida. Contact us today to learn more!

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