15 Things You Should Know About Florida Rentals for Snowbirds

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If you are one of the many thousands of snowbirds who swell Florida’s population by 5 percent every winter, you are well aware of the need to find a place to stay during your southern sojourn. One common solution is to find Florida rentals for snowbirds – Places you can rent for a few weeks or a few months while you pursue sunny Florida living. Before you commit to the first rental you come across, however, there are a few things you should know about this solution, and where to find the best rentals for your winter stay.

Location matters

While all of Florida is a sunny, warm paradise compared to the cold and snow in the North, the state is still quite large, with many options for where to stay. Before you start looking for a rental, you will need to decide where you most want to stay. Do you want to enjoy beach life? Would you rather live near the amusement parks? Are you looking for quiet country life or the amenities of the big city? Decide what kind of life you want in Florida, and then find a rental in the area that best fits your needs.

Stay flexible

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While finding the right place to rent is very important, because it will determine which activities and amenities you can enjoy during your stay, you should still remain flexible in your search. For example, if Tampa is your dream location, but the costs are prohibitive, you may enjoy living in cheerful Lakeland, close enough to drive to Tampa but filled with attractions of its own. Keep your mind open to the possibilities and you will have an easier time finding the right Florida rental for snowbirds for your winter stay.

Know your budget before you rent

Costs for mobile home rentals in Florida for snowbirds can vary widely, from a few hundred dollars a month to thousands of dollars a month. Before you pass up the perfect place because you don’t think you can afford it, or commit to a place that is outside your financial capabilities, take the time to create a budget for your snowbird rental. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Maintenance costs for your northern home
  • Lot fees if you are renting a mobile home
  • Utility expenses
  • Activity expenses during your stay
  • Expected monthly rent
  • HOA fees
  • Transportation while you are in Florida

Once you know how much to spend, you can more easily find the right property for your winter stay in Florida.

Keep an eye on your northern properties

Home properties by the Florida seashore

Renting in Florida means you do not have to worry about keeping up property s. However, your northern properties may still require attention during the winter months. Regular check ins, snow plowing, mail collection, or other tasks may need to be completed while you are in Florida. Make sure you find appropriate help for these tasks before you travel south for the winter.

Transportation matters

While there are many walkable locations in Florida, you will probably require transportation to at least some activities, healthcare appointments, stores, and more. Whether you have a car of your own, plan to take public transportation, or hope to hire a ride when you need it, a plan that fits your budget and lifestyle is important. Plus, the rental you choose should be able to accommodate your mode of transportation, or be located near the public transportation solution you hope to use.

Staying longer is usually cheaper

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While you can find Florida rentals for snowbirds that are only for a few days or weeks, the majority of rental options are for at least a month at a time. Plus, you may save money if you plan to stay longer than a month. When choosing a rental, explore the options that staying a little longer gives you (Plus consider the advantages of missing out on even more of the bad weather in the North).

Save money by renting near, not on, the water

The beach, naturally, is one of the most in-demand Florida attractions. However, rental costs also tend to be higher the closer you are to the water. If you want to save a little money on your winter home, without giving up on your dream of beach living, consider looking for a place that is near, but not on, the water. Living within walking or driving distance of the beach, such as in Ruskin, FL, can make beach living a daily occurrence, without forcing you to deal with exorbitant housing costs.

Amenities matter

Aerial view of mobile homes in retirement community in Florida

Most Florida rentals for snowbirds will offer you certain amenities as part of your rent. If you choose a 55+ community for your winter residence, you are likely to find even more appealing reasons to enjoy Florida living during the winter. Before committing to a rental, consider the amenities that come with it. Here are some ideas of what to consider:

  • Utilities
  • Laundry facilities
  • Community activities
  • Community pool or clubhouse
  • On-site fishing, boating, or swimming locations
  • Dog parks
  • And more

You don’t have to choose between quality and affordability

Sometimes, snowbirds fall into the trap of thinking that a beautiful rental has to cost a lot, while an affordable rental is probably low quality. The reality, however, is that you can find beautiful, durable, and affordable rentals in Florida. Often, 55+ communities, such as those available at Bedrock Communities, are able to balance cost and quality to provide attainable Florida living for most budgets.

Mobile homes can be an attainable solution

A quiet snowbird retirement neighborhood in Florida seashore

In the past, mobile homes have gained a reputation for being dangerous, run-down places no one would want to live. However, today, mobile homes are regaining a reputation as affordable, beautiful, safe, and rewarding communities. Before crossing off mobile home parks in Florida from your list, explore communities such as Bedrock to discover the advantages of living in a beautiful and well-maintained mobile home.

Renting can be a smart first step to buying

Is owning a winter home in Florida your dream? You may still want to rent. Renting a home in Florida for a few winters can help you decide exactly what you want in a Florida home. Explore different locations. Research different types of housing. Establish a budget you know will work. All while enjoying a low-obligation rental agreement that does not lock you into one home or location for the long term. Then, when you are ready, you can move on to buying a home that will make you happy for many years.

55+ communities offer many advantages

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If you are looking for Florida rentals for snowbirds, you may want to consider joining a 55+ community. These communities are designed tp meet the needs and lifestyles of people in your stage of life. Here are just some of the advantages of these communities:

  • Quality housing
  • Community activities
  • Friendships and relationships
  • Amenities such as pools, clubhouses, games, laundry facilities, and more
  • Locations desirable to retirees

Look for Florida rentals for snowbirds online

How and where do snowbirds find rentals? One of the best places to look is online. There are many websites that provide access to safe, beautiful, and affordable rentals for your winter stays. Here at Bedrock Communities, we have many communities from which you can choose, conveniently located in some of Florida’s most desirable locations. That makes it easy to find a place to spend the winter months.

Book early (Really early)

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If you want to snag a Florida rental, you need to start early. Many places begin accepting request a year ahead of time. That means finding a place now and booking it as soon as possible so you encounter no hiccups in your snowbird experience.

Choose rental insurance for peace of mind

Finally, consider purchasing rental insurance for peace of mind. This insurance will protect your belongings while you are renting in Florida. That means that you can enjoy everything Florida has to offer, even if you encounter hurricanes, theft, or other potential issues.

If attainable Florida living is part of your retirement plan, then consider Bedrock Communities. Located in some of Florida’s most desirable areas, our communities offer active places to live, relax, and pursue your Florida dreams.

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