Snowbirds in Florida: 10 Reasons to Migrate to Ruskin, Florida

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Florida’s warm winters attract hundreds of thousands of winter-weary Northerners every year. Drawn to the state’s beautiful beach cities and coastlines, snowbirds tend to migrate toward cities such as Tampa, Naples, and St. Petersburg, Florida.

The real hidden treasures of Florida, however, are often their smaller, coastal cities and towns. With access to the water and a lower cost of living, they have much to offer.

One of these places is Ruskin. Just 24 miles from Tampa, it is famous for its proximity to beautiful beaches, fishing, dining, and more. If you are thinking about moving to Florida, here is a look at 10 reasons to consider migrating to Ruskin.

1. White, Sandy Beaches

Ruskin’s beaches, such as nearby Apollo Beach, are defined by stunning white sand and wide open views, and are the perfect place to sunbathe, swim, picnic, or relax with friends and family. Gorgeous and just a short drive away, they conveniently deliver the ideal Florida experience. Since Ruskin is very close to the coast, you enjoy your pick of locations. Apollo Beach is the closest, but Siesta Key Beach, St. Pete Beach, and Treasure Island are all also within reach. If you choose to live in Ruskin, you will have plenty of time to explore some of central Florida’s best beaches.

2. Abundant Fishing

Ruskin may lie close to beautiful beaches, but it is best known for the fishing opportunities it provides. One of the top pursuits of its more than 22,000 residents, fishing is an integral part of Ruskin life, and easily accessible thanks to its proximity not only to the ocean but also to the Little Manatee River. Enjoy deep sea charters and river fishing alike, with many charter companies offering packages that range from full-day adventures to shorter half-day excursions that you can tailor to your schedule.

3. Adventurous Boating

Pursue your love of the water on a boat when you migrate to Ruskin. The Freedom Boat Club and other boating organizations in the city allow you to boat as often as you like, on whatever boat you desire. Deck boats, pontoon boats, sailboats, you can find them all in Ruskin. Or, bring your own and cast off from the local marina, or from the boat ramp located in our Little Manatee 55+ community.

4. Delicious Dining

The Tampa area, where Ruskin is located, is known for its culinary delights. For those who want to stay closer to Ruskin rather than venturing out toward Tampa, however, there are also some delicious dining options. Local favorites include the Ybor Grille, Beanies Bar and Sports Grill, and the Hot Tomato. Thanks to its coastal location, Ruskin and the surrounding area offer wonderful seafood platters and meals as the stars of many restaurant menus.

5. Affordable Living

Living near the Florida beach is an expensive proposition if you are trying to live in the city. In smaller coastal towns, like Ruskin, however, you can enjoy attainable and affordable beach living. Hillsborough County mobile home parks and 55+ mobile home communities in Ruskin, FL, for example, offer quality living that is also affordable. Find the right community, like Bedrock Communities’ Little Manatee community, and you can enjoy amenities, low lot rental rates, and a desirable location for a price that even tight budgets can easily manage.

6. Proximity to Tampa

The small-town feel of Ruskin is appealing to many snowbirds who want to enjoy a peaceful environment. However, for those who want to also enjoy everything a big city has to offer, Ruskin offers the perfect combination of peaceful town and big city proximity. Just 24 miles from Tampa, Ruskin makes it easy to enjoy access to healthcare, shopping, and entertainment in the city. Minutes away from major expressways, residents can also easily access almost any other city in the area with ease.

7. Small Town Feel

Ruskin may be close to Tampa, but it loves feeling like a small town too. The town eschews the recent development in the area and embraces events such as the town farmer’s market and the annual Tomato & Heritage Festival. It is a place where you can get to know your neighbors and become a part of a community. You can enjoy that community feel even more if you live in one of the retirement communities in Ruskin, Florida. Sun City Center, for example, is right next door, and our Little Manatee 55+ community gives you the opportunity to connect with neighbors through numerous social events and a friendly atmosphere.

8. Outdoor Areas

The summers may be hot, but the rest of the year provides beautiful weather that you can enjoy at any of Ruskin’s many outdoor areas. Simmons Park, for example, delivers breathtaking views of Tampa Bay, while the Ruskin Family Drive-In Theater offers double features through a nostalgic outdoor format. Parks, playgrounds, and river access also deliver family and retiree-friendly access to the outdoors year-round.

9. Cultural Opportunities

The Tampa area is home to many places where you can enjoy cultural pursuits, such as art and science. Head to Tampa to enjoy the Salvador Dali Museum, the Art Museum, and the Museum of Science & Industry.

10. Manatee Viewing And Zoo

Finally, Ruskin may just be the place for you if you want to learn more about the animals for which the Little Manatee River is named. The Manatee Viewing Center in Tampa allows visitors to see these beautiful creatures up close, where you can enjoy one of the most unique and fascinating creatures Florida has to offer. Learn more about animals other than the Manatee near Ruskin, as well. The nationally-renowned Lowry Zoo is just a short drive away, and offers educational opportunities as well as the chance to view stunning animals.

Whether you want entertainment, shopping, food, beaches, boating, fishing, or more, Ruskin offers you tantalizing choices for a reasonable cost of living. If you want to migrate to Ruskin, consider our Little Manatee community. Attainable, affordable Florida living is within reach with beautiful homes nestled along the Manatee River and numerous amenities and social activities allowing you to pursue the Florida life you are dreaming of.

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