10 Reasons Seniors Migrating to Lakeland is a Good Idea

Two couples of seniors higging and smiling in front of beach

Lakeland, with its 38 lakes and natural water bodies, is a welcome relief from the cacophony of city life. Ideal for seniors who look for a quiet neighborhood, where they can lead fulfilling lives. Florida has always been a favorite vacation spot. People from all over the US flock to the warm southern state and some of them stay over for the winter. In the past few years, it has emerged as a much-loved retirement destination. Seniors regularly move to the Sunshine state and Lakeland occupies the top spot in their list of preferred cities.

But is a quiet life the only reason seniors rush to Lakeland? What makes it a good place to hang their coat and call it home?

Here are 10 reasons that make it worthwhile to settle in Lakeland in senior years.

1. There is no state tax

As a prominent city in Florida, Lakeland enjoys the same tax benefits as other places in the state. There is no state tax to be paid. Seniors who move to the state stand to make a lot of savings based on this condition alone. They might also get some relief on retirement earnings. If they are local residents, and have the papers to prove domicile in the city, they apply for further tax relief if they own farmhouses. There is hardly any real estate tax either. On the whole, Lakeland offers seniors many opportunities to cut down on regular expenses and protect their nest eggs.

2. Organized 55+ community living

Lakeland loves its seniors. The city boasts of several well-managed retirement homes or mobile home communities that offer some of the finest modern amenities for seniors. These smaller homes mean low maintenance but offer similar degrees of comfort and styling options. Living in these communities almost feels like living in luxurious resorts where all your needs are met. Mobile homes are less-expansive, meaning, seniors won’t have to undertake strenuous physical labor for its upkeep. You could get a private garden or a patio in some of them. They are also cheaper than building a custom house.

From swimming pools to laundry, to pet-friendly spaces, these retirement communities offer a rewarding retirement life for seniors moving to Lakeland. One of the best features of these communities is seniors get to socialize with fellow retirees and pursue shared interests within a safe environment. Some of the common amenities that seniors can enjoy are clubbing, temperature-controlled swimming pools, libraries, laundry services, and golfing.

3. Proximity to medical facilities, restaurants, entertainment parks

Lakeland’s growing senior population has had some far-reaching consequences for its hospitals and medical facilities. To cater to the senior residents, many hospitals now offer many treatments related to seniors. If seniors suffer from age-related diseases or disorders, they can access excellent medical facilities in Lakeland.

The city also has a number of restaurants, shops, and supermarkets so the 55+ community doesn’t have to go to other parts of the state to buy daily essentials.

4. Well connected to Orlando and Tampa

Orlando and Tampa are the two big neighbors and both are easy to reach from Lakeland. Ideal fun time activities include day trips to theme parks a.k.a Disney World where the whole family and close friends can get together for a day of wholesome entertainment. A chance meeting with celebrity figures can’t be ruled out too, given that many famous actors, golfers, and basketball stars have set down their anchors in the neighborhood.

5. Water sports, hiking, adventure

Today, seniors are not content with idling away time. They want to fill their leisure hours with meaningful recreational activities. Lakeland, needless to say, is replete with lakes and water bodies. Besides, there are at least forty parks to visit. Additionally, the beaches are close by. With a couple of hours’ drive from Lakeland, one can find internationally renowned ocean fronts. There is no dearth of adventure sports for the bold hearted.

Swimming, surfing, boat rentals, hiking, camping, and a lot of other outdoor activities break the monotony and provide seniors with a much-needed respite. It’s like a vacation that never ends.

6. Welcoming Weather

One of the factors that attract many people to Florida is the weather. Bright and sunny for the most of the year and mildly cold in winter, Florida, and Lakeland in particular have pleasant weather. The average daytime temperature hovers around 70 degrees. Nights are comfortable even in winter because the temperature rarely slips to the sub-zero zones.

This makes the state a hub for tourists and snowbirds. There are more opportunities to go out, have fun and enjoy the fresh air and bask in the sun.

7. Opportunity to work

Retirement doesn’t have to mean killing time. Seniors utilize years of professional expertise to help the community prosper. Retirees often seek out work or volunteering opportunities given the nearness to Central Florida. This helps them spend their time productively, contributing to local causes and getting a sense of belongingness. This also helps them add to their earnings, accumulate a small fund while protecting and supplement retirement savings.

It’s like a new lease of life for the 55+ community since they find themselves valued, respected, and appreciated for their work.

8. Rich cultural heritage

Lakeland’s local history, architecture, and urban myths make for a delightful ambiance. Retirees can participate in cultural activities and show off their unique personalities and talents. Talking a walk down its streets, one can get to know how Lakeland was almost named after local bugs instead of lakes and how the community founder took it upon himself to develop the town.

Museums, vintage railroad, and an old-world charm take it very close to what seniors want in a retirement location. Neighbors get to know each other quickly and community bonds are forged based on mutual trust and cooperation. A slow-paced living, without the rush and deadlines, make for healthier living, where seniors can finally take care of their health and wellbeing.

9. Low living costs

Despite its nearness to bustling Central Florida, Lakeland is still now affordable. Housing is affordable; seniors will find community living within easy reach since there are houses available for all budgets and needs. Real estate is less expensive as compared to the national average. More so, in the 55+ mobile communities which provide residents with all amenities that suit a wide variety of budgets.

10. Rapid development

Lakeland is growing fast. In fact, it is one of the top ten cities in the US that are witnessing rapid expansion in terms of people moving to the city. Apart from being a second home to the migrating population, it is the ideal stopover for tourists on route to Central Florida. It is also undergoing steady development as a city and gearing up to provide its residents with more modern facilities. It is the best time to move and set up a home here in Lakeland.

All in all, Lakeland is the city of the future and seniors will find a lot to do and be here. From spending quality time at hobbies and leisure activities to living in safe, well-serviced homes, the city offers low cost, high quality living for retirees.

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