7 Things to Know Before Moving to a Mobile Home Community in Florida

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What you need to know before moving to a mobile home community in Central Florida is that these houses are safe and affordable, and offer a number of benefits like clubbing, swimming pools, and outdoor activities for their residents. Every year, more and more seniors search for affordable housing.

Just like Central Florida is the most favored retirement destination, mobile homes, in particular, are their top choice for housing. It certainly doesn’t hurt either that Central Florida has the largest number of retirement homes offering affordable and safe living.

Fort Pierce, Davenport, Lakeland, Peak Drive Tampa, Mt. Dora, Auburndale, and other prominent locations in and around Central Florida are slowly turning to be the major haunts of retirees.

What to know about living in a mobile home park? Here are the top 7 things:

1. Significantly lower taxes

When you live in a mobile home park or a trailer park, you can enjoy a lower cost of living. Florida has significantly lower taxes as compared to the rest of the country. This straightway adds to your saving.

Most senior living communities have single-storey houses that are easier to maintain and feels like you’re forever on vacation. Each community has its own rules regarding buying or renting a home there and provides seniors with safe, entertaining activities within the premises.

2. Warm weather and lots of outdoor activities

So before you make a list of things to do before moving into a mobile home, take a look at the reasons most 55+ retirees prefer going to Central Florida, the Mecca for seniors planning to retire in mobile home communities.

The pleasant Florida sun is an added attraction. Warm weather is one of the major attractions of relocating to the state. You have sun all through the year and can enjoy lots of outdoor activities. Even tourists flock to Florida in search of mild winters and warm summers.

A plethora of outdoor activities keep seniors busy. Although synonymous with white beaches, Florida has plenty of lakes and bays. You can also go hiking through forests and take a boat trip down rivers. Fill your leisure hours with camping, swimming, and riding the waves, especially if you love the sea.

3. Planned communities and reliable healthcare

If you have questions like ‘should I move into a manufactured home?’ lay them to rest in Florida. The state has well-organized manufactured housing and this sector is expected to grow steadily. If you own a mobile home, facilities like trash collection, surveillance, emergency medical care, laundry, and recreation come within easy reach. Also, healthcare facilities for retirees are excellent. And since many retirees move to mobile communities here, hospitals have come up with specialized treatments related to them.

4. Low living expenses

Seniors have spent a big part of their lives in their dream home, renting it or building one. If you think moving from a house to a mobile home is going to be strange and unsafe, here’s what you might find interesting: Mobile homes come with low living expenses. While you need to buy or lease the plot, pay maintenance fees and home association charges; they are still lower than what would you pay for a single-family, custom-built house. Particularly, you pay less when it comes to cost for each square foot of space. As for comfort levels, you live in a quieter neighborhood, socialize with like-minded neighbors, and spend time doing things you like. Walk your pet, tend to your small garden or take a dip in heated swimming pools.

5. Central location

Most of the community homes are in close proximity to supermarkets and medical institutions. Central Florida is not typically beach fronted, you might need to drive a few miles to hear the waves crashing. Yet it has a lot of inland water bodies so you don’t miss out on water activities. It is also cheaper since real estate prices are remarkably lower than in other parts of the country. Another reason is that you can find homes that suit not only your budget but your lifestyle too.

If you are thinking of moving, it is better to take a look at the properties available. Check out its neighborhood and its model houses, and talk to residents if possible. Even if you are not moving, it is always a good option to just take a trip to the state and enjoy the warm sun. In fact, one can see recreational vehicles stopping by such parks frequently. Also, Florida is the annual snowbird destination, with people from all over the colder northern states congregating here to wait out the cold.

6. Easier to maintain

Keep it clean: a no-brainer, but a clean, stain-free, dust-free home is a healthier home. Mobile home ceilings, walls, and floor are not ordinary and might need specialized care if regular upkeep is ignored.

Get fixtures and furnishing especially meant for mobile homes: You can’t buy a doorknob from home depot and expect it to fit on your mobile home door.

Leveling: Once in a while, the house will need to be leveled. Check for wall and floor cracks to know when it’s time for a leveling.

Use appropriate home improvement materials: It is helpful to repair or replace vinyl drywall or printed panel with professional help.

7. Building codes and permits

It usually depends on the community you are moving into. Talk to the association to know about the process and the timeframe. This will give you room to get your papers in order. Check out the available houses. They usually have two bedrooms and baths but features may vary by communities and the budget you set.

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