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Before You Rent or Own a Mobile Home, Here’s What You Should Know

Quiet neighborhood in mobile home community in central , Florida

With 828,000 mobile homes in Florida alone, the mobile home life is thriving. If you want to rent or own a mobile home in the state, you have many options available. Before you dive into the search for the perfect place, however, here are 6 things you need to know.

1. You have lots of options for buying or renting

Aerial view of mobile home park

The sheer number of mobile homes in Florida means you should have no difficulty finding a beautiful and affordable place to live in the Sunshine State. However, you also have choices when it comes to the type of mobile home you select.

a) Renting your mobile home

In this situation, you rent your home and the land on it, typically within a mobile home community.

b) Buying your mobile home

In this situation, you purchase your mobile home and own it yourself. You may or may not own the land on which the mobile home sits.

c) Renting to own your mobile home

In a rent to own situation, you rent your mobile home, but according to your lease you have the option (or requirement) to purchase the home after a specific period of time. Your rent may be applied to your down payment when the time of purchase comes.

2. Chances are, you will need to pay for the land

Man hands holding piece of paper with printed lot plan
When budgeting to rent or own a mobile home, you should always take the land into consideration. Choosing to rent? The lot rent will be included in your monthly lease amount. Planning to own a mobile home? You will either need to rent a lot within a mobile home community (Usually only a few hundred dollars a month) or buy land on which to put your mobile home. In order to avoid financial stress in the long run, find out how much land expenses will impact your rental or purchase costs before you settle on a home.

3. Familiarize yourself with the costs of buying or renting

Tip jar along deposit sign

Regardless of the mobile home you choose, planning ahead for your expenses can help ensure the affordability and financial security of your choice. Here are some of the expected costs associated with both renting and owning a mobile home.

Costs to Rent a Mobile Home:

  • Security Deposit
  • First and last month’s rent due upfront
  • Periodic rental increases
  • Utilities
  • Trash removal
  • Monthly rent

Costs to Own a Mobile Home: 

  • Mortgage Payments
  • Lot Rentals
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrades and Improvements
  • Utilities
  • Trash Removal

4. Buying or renting a mobile home makes Florida living attainable

View of mobile homes in Florida from the zenith

While there are financial obligations that come whether you rent a mobile home in Florida or own a mobile home in Florida, the reality is that mobile homes make Florida living attainable for almost any budget.

For example, while the median home price in Florida is around $400,000, used mobile homes average around $48,000. With lot rents of just a few hundred dollars, many people can sell their stick-built homes elsewhere, move to a mobile home community such as those offered by Bedrock Communities, pay cash for their home, and enjoy a comfortable retirement regardless of their income level.

With Bedrock Communities in some of Florida’s most desirable locations, that means that sunny Florida life is within financial reach. Living in a mobile home may even give you the financial leeway you need to enjoy life’s little luxuries in some of the nation’s most beautiful locations.

5. Mobile homes in designated communities have a lot to offer

Two elderly friends fishing

Some people choose to purchase a mobile home and put it on their own land. However, many mobile homes are available in dedicated communities that have endless amenities and activities to offer residents. Here are just a few of the features that mobile home communities have to offer, whether you choose to rent or buy your mobile home:

  • Social activities and clubhouses
  • Friendships and support networks nearby
  • Laundry
  • Fishing
  • Pet-friendly housing
  • Boating
  • Shuffleboard and pétanque
  • Swimming pools
  • Lake or ocean access
  • Libraries
  • Billiards
  • And more

A strong community, practical and recreation amenities, and access to some of Florida’s most exciting destinations make Bedrock Communities’ 55+ mobile home communities an appealing option when you are seeking out mobile home life.

6. Mobile homes are beautiful and reliable homes

Birdeye view of mobile home park

The rundown mobile home of years past is no longer the reality in many mobile home communities across the nation. Trading in a stick built home for a manufactured or mobile home does not have to mean trading down.

Instead, whether you choose to own a mobile home in Florida or rent one, you can expect to find beautiful, reliable, and desirable housing. For example, at Bedrock Communities, you can expect quality, beautiful finishes, new appliances, and other features to come standard in many of our homes. That can make retiring and living in a Florida mobile home as rewarding as living in a stick built home, without the expenses that could make Florida life impossible to enjoy.

If you are thinking about moving into a mobile home in Florida, you are making a choice that has served thousands of Florida residents very well. Learn more about Bedrock Communities and the mobile home life we can offer you today!

Here’s What Every Snowbird Needs To Know About Mobile Home Rentals in Florida

Road in tranquil mobile home community in Florida

Every November or December, hundreds of thousands of individuals make the trek to Florida to soak up the sunshine and avoid the cold and snow of northern winters. Called snowbirds, these people, who consist primarily of baby boomers, need a place to stay. And, many of them are looking for wallet-friendly options, especially in the midst of a red-hot real estate market.

Enter mobile home rentals. With rentals available across more than 5,000 mobile home parks, Florida offers mobile homes in all the most popular snowbird destinations.

As a welcoming base from which the best Florida adventures can be affordably accessed, mobile home rentals for snowbirds have a lot to offer. Here is a look at some of the most important things every snowbird should know about mobile home rentals in Florida.

Mobile homes are losing their stigma

Bird eye view of mobile home community in FL

Mobile homes used to be synonymous with ramshackle housing in unsafe neighborhoods, not as a suitable residence for a 55+ adult looking to enjoy their retirement years. However, not only does that stigma no longer apply, but the benefits of mobile homes for older adults are quickly driving the popularity of these residences.

Instead of dangerous, rundown residences, here is the reality behind many of Florida’s mobile home rentals, including those at all of Bedrock’s attainable living communities:


Mobile home rentals can provide a higher level of safety than some traditional neighborhoods, based primarily on neighbors’ proximity to each other. In a mobile home community, neighbors tend to form close relationships with those who live around them. As a result, it becomes easier for concerned neighbors to support community members, identify problems, and provide a close eye on the safety of the neighborhood.

In addition, many mobile home communities provide safety features such as gates and security cameras. The biggest contributor to safety? The fact that many of these parks exist in safe areas of Florida, such as New Ranch in Clearwater, or Cypress Harbor in Winter Haven.


While mobile homes often conjure up images of rundown trailers, the reality is that many manufactured and mobile homes are beautiful and durable places to live. In our Bedrock Communities locations, for example, many of our homes boast quality construction, new appliances, ample storage, and beautiful finishes that make a comfortable winter sojourn possible.

Mobile home rentals put Florida retirement within reach

Cozy mobile home

Florida is one of the most popular destinations for snowbirds looking to get away from the snow and ice of northern climes. However, enjoying the state’s white beaches, year-round warmth, and endless attractions does not always come cheap: The average home price here is $378,104.

For individuals looking to enjoy Florida on a more limited budget, mobile home rentals are often the answer. Purchasing a beautiful manufactured home, for example, could cost less than $50,000, and monthly rentals are often similarly affordable.

Renting a mobile home rather than purchasing or renting a traditional stick-built home can reduce your monthly expenses significantly. That means that you can not only afford to live in your preferred location, but also have the finances you need to enjoy all that location has to offer. Florida living is really attainable with the judicious choice of a quality mobile home community.

Renting a mobile home means accessing a rich community life

Quiet street in mobile home community

Florida mobile home parks for snowbirds offer more than just a roof over their heads. Many communities, including those here at Bedrock Communities, also offer an active and vibrant community life and numerous amenities to make your stay more comfortable.

Take, for example, the amenities available at many of our parks:

  • Fishing dock
  • Clubhouse
  • Heated pool
  • Social activities
  • Laundry
  • Boat ramp
  • Shuffleboard
  • Billiards
  • Petanque courts
  • Onsite restaurant
  • RV parking
  • And more

Whether you want to boat and fish, spend time with other community members, enjoy a swim, eat onsite, or just relax by the water, you can find a mobile home rental that makes your idea of snowbird living in Florida achievable.

Mobile home communities are everywhere

Skyline view of mobile home community

Stop worrying about finding the right home where you want to live in Florida, because 55 and over mobile home communities in Florida are everywhere. From quiet country retreats to bustling beach cities, you can find snowbird mobile homes for sale or rent in Florida.

All you have to do is pick the Florida location that fits your winter getaway dreams and then start looking for nearby mobile park communities. With more than a dozen communities throughout the state, chances are good that you can find the perfect Bedrock community in your preferred location.

Ready to enjoy the snowbird life in Florida? Then you may be ready for mobile home rentals in Florida for snowbirds. Embrace the freedom that comes from affordable, beautiful living in some of Florida’s most desirable areas in homes that are designed to make snowbird life comfortable, rewarding, and rich.

What to Know About Retiring in a Mobile Home Park

With 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 every day, the question of where to spend one’s golden years is a pressing concern for many Americans. Everyone wants to enjoy a relaxed and fulfilling life in an ideal location, but, with limited retirement savings (One-third of people have not saved for retirement), finding an affordable AND satisfying place to live can be a challenge.

Enter mobile home parks. Offering beautiful surroundings, amenities, and community, they are becoming an increasingly popular choice among retirees, particularly in desirable locations such as Florida. Read on to learn more about retiring in a mobile home park, and whether it might be right for you.

Mobile Home Retirement: An Overview

Mobile home retirement, as its name implies, occurs when someone chooses to spend their retirement years in a mobile home park. Often, these individuals or couples choose to relocate from their previous stick-built home to a manufactured home in a community dedicated to serving the 55+ population.

Mobile home parks are in high demand among all age groups: About 22 million Americans live in a mobile home, and construction of mobile homes accounted for 10 percent of new home construction in 2017.

Among retirees, however, they have a special appeal, thanks to the wealth of advantages they offer older adults who may struggle to find the funding they need to enjoy the retirement life they are dreaming of. These benefits include the following:


Retirees who lack retirement savings must find another way to pay for their golden years. Mobile homes offer an appealing option: Retirees can sell their stick-built homes, purchase a mobile home in their preferred location, make any necessary updates, and still have ample money left over to use toward their retirement.

For example, if they sell their home for $200,000 and spend $45,000 on a mobile home, they have more than $150,000 left to put toward living during retirement.

In addition, lot rents for mobile homes are also often very affordable (Often just a few hundred dollars a month). Our Little Manatee community, for example, charges a lot rent of just $520 a month. That means that an older adult can enjoy a beautiful home in a desirable location for significantly less than they would spend renting an apartment in the same city.


Mobile home parks, especially 55+ communities, offer built-in connections that can be vital to retirees who desire social activities and friendships in their golden years.

55+ communities not only provide affordable housing, but also create an environment where it is easy to create meaningful social connections. Mobile home parks offer the following relationship-building features:

  • Walkability
  • Proximity to neighbors who can offer support and assistance
  • Community centers
  • Pools
  • Clubhouses and activities
  • Community events
  • Dog parks
  • And more

Desirable Locations

Finally, mobile home parks offer an appealing retirement option for older adults because they often exist in some of the country’s most sought-after locations. Want to spend your retirement in warm weather? Sunbathing or fishing on the beach? Near big-city attractions? Mobile home parks exist throughout these areas in the United States, making it possible for retirees to move to their favorite places without breaking their retirement budgets.

Mobile Home Retirement: Locations

Retirees often have very specific ideas about where to spend their post-work years, and it isn’t often in cold Northern states. The South and Southeastern areas of the United States are prime retirement destinations, including the following most popular retirement states:

  • New Mexico
  • Florida
  • Arizona
  • South Carolina

As the second most popular retirement destination, Florida has lots to offer retirees, starting with year-round sun and warm weather, sparkling white beaches, and many outdoor recreational opportunities. Retirees also flock to this state for reasons, including the following:

  • Tax breaks
  • International travel access
  • High-quality healthcare

While in-demand locations are often very expensive, retirees can afford to live in these locations, including areas in Florida near big-city destinations such as Tampa, Clearwater, and Orlando, because of mobile home parks like those offered by Bedrock.

While homes may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars (The median home price in Florida is $334,000), mobile homes often cost less than $50,000. Even building a custom manufactured home can be significantly less than purchasing a stick-built residence. That puts a great location, and a great home, within reach for many retirees.

Mobile Park Retirement: How It Works

Practically speaking, mobile home retirement tends to be easy, appealing, and safe. Here is a look at some of the most important elements of retiring in a mobile home park:


Mobile homes, and trailer parks, have long had a bad reputation for a lack of safety and security. However, the reality is that this stigma simply does not apply to many of the thousands of retirement communities, in Florida and throughout the United States.

In some ways, 55+ mobile home communities offer more safety than do traditional neighborhoods because neighbors are closer together and more likely to notice changes in daily routines, strangers in the park, or other warning signs that all is not right.

That can mean that a resident experiencing a health emergency or other problem receives  prompt support from their neighbors. In addition, 55+ communities with mobile homes also frequently provide accessibility, such as wheelchair ramps, that make it easier, and safer, for all their residents to get around.

Many mobile home parks also come with safety features such as gated entries and security cameras. Add in the fact that many of these parks, such as Bedrock’s many communities, exist in safe and appealing areas of Florida, and you have a location that will keep you secure throughout your golden years.


Retiring in a mobile home park also means gaining access to numerous amenities that make life more convenient, and more enjoyable.

The specific amenities and services you will enjoy will depend upon the specific park that you choose. However, here at Bedrock, our communities provide some or all of the following:

  • Fishing dock
  • Clubhouse
  • Heated pool
  • Social activities
  • Laundry
  • Boat ramp
  • Shuffleboard
  • Billiards
  • Pentaque courts
  • Onsite restaurant
  • And more

For retirees who want to bring their furry companions, all of our parks are also pet-friendly and ready to welcome your best friend.

These amenities make everything from mailing cards to doing laundry, hanging out with friends to pursuing hobbies, easy so you can focus on enjoying your work-free years.


Retirees who are financially strapped to high rent or mortgages often lack the freedom they desire to pursue their hobbies and interests during retirement. Retiring in a mobile home park, however, provides incredible freedom to do all the things you have been dreaming about doing during your work years.

For example, owning your own mobile home, or renting it for an extremely affordable price, frees up money in your budget to travel, golf, fish, boat, shop, visit family, or do any of the things that make your life feel richer and more satisfying. That can make living in a mobile home park the key to a retirement you actually find fulfilling.


Every mobile home community is different. Retirees can choose from basic parks with a few amenities to luxury locations with gated entries and big mobile homes.

Regardless of the type of community you choose, you will want to choose a park that has the following features:

  • Amenities that suit your preferred lifestyle
  • Safety and security
  • A location where you want to live
  • Quality homes and lots
  • Convenience
  • Friendly neighbors
  • Lots to do
  • Affordable homes and lot rents

Taking your preferences, lifestyle, and retirement goals into consideration will help you to select the mobile home park where you can comfortably enjoy your retirement years.

Renting vs. Buying

When you retire to a mobile home park, you can choose to rent or buy your home. There are pros and cons to both choices, and ultimately, the decision you make will depend upon your preferences, finances, and retirement goals. However, here are a few factors to consider when it comes to renting vs. buying your mobile home:


Retiring to a mobile home park means enjoying maintenance on your property regardless of whether you rent or buy. However, the maintenance and repair of your home itself will be your responsibility if you purchase your home, but the park’s responsibility if you rent.

Upfront Costs

Purchasing a home will always come with greater upfront costs than renting it, due to down payments and closing costs (and a mortgage if you choose a home loan). However, owning a home that can appreciate in value may be worth it to you, particularly if you wish to leave your investment behind for your family.


If you choose to relocate to a different living situation, renting may be a better option than buying your mobile home because you can more easily move on from a lease.


Your home should reflect your personality and style. Purchasing a mobile home will enable you to create exactly the kind of space you feel most comfortable in. However, renting the right home can give you a beautiful and stylish home without a lot of work on yoru part. When you own your own home, you have the option to make it exactly the way you want. Engage in renovation, updates, and personalization projects that can turn your home into the retirement oasis you have spent your life working toward.

Benefits of Living in a Mobile Home Retirement Community

Group of elder men playing cards

The foundation of a comfortable and rewarding retirement is a home that fits your budget and your lifestyle. While mobile homes retirement communities may not be your first thought when it comes to living your best post-work life, 55+ communities are quickly gaining in popularity, and with good reason. Easy to afford, easy to maintain, and often desirably located, there are many advantages of living in a mobile home retirement community. Here are just a few.

Mobile home retirement communities are affordable

Comfortable looking home in mobile home communityMany retirees need to work with a limited budget, but that shouldn’t put a great retirement home out of reach. Mobile home retirement communities, like the ones at Bedrock, provide affordable access to beautiful manufactured homes.

The cost of a manufactured home is, on average, 10-35 percent less per square foot than a traditional home, and one study showed that manufactured homes’ monthly costs were, on average, one-third that of traditional homes.

Manufactured homes also cost less to maintain (with maintenance conducted by the property management) and come with lower utility expenses. Sometimes, your utilities are included in your lot rent. Even better? If you rent your land instead of purchasing it, you may also be able to avoid paying property taxes.

Mobile home retirement communities are desirably located

Inexpensive housing may be easy to find, but affordable homes in great locations are a little harder to get, unless you choose a 55+ mobile home community. You can, for example, enjoy Florida’s beautiful beaches and warm weather without exceeding your budget, if you choose the right mobile home retirement community.

Mobile home retirement communities are often located near beaches, within bustling towns, or beside sought-after cities. That leaves you the ability to choose exactly where you want to retire, without worrying about whether you can afford it.

Here at Bedrock, we offer a wide range of communities throughout Florida. Each is located in beautiful locations where you can easily access some of the state’s most sought-after cities, towns, and beaches. That makes pursuing your retirement dreams more rewarding, and more achievable.

Mobile home retirement communities are easy to maintain

Often, 55+ manufactured home communities will provide maintenance of the homes and grounds through property management. In addition, many of these communities provide services that make it easy to keep up with your daily to-do list. For example, trash collection or on-site laundry facilities make it convenient to get chores done so you can focus on enjoying your retirement.

Mobile home retirement communities offer social connections

Charming looking older coupleWhen you join a 55+ mobile home community, you don’t just get an affordable house in a great location. You become part of a network of people who offer support, friendship, and assistance along your retirement journey.

For example, your neighbors may watch your pet while you go on a trip, check up on you if you deviate from your daily routine, or offer support such as meals or laundry help if you become ill.

Add in social activities organized by the community, clubhouses where you can gather with others for fun and games, and the ease of stopping by to say hello to your neighbors, and your retirement community can become a source of meaningful connections and friendships that will ensure that your retirement years are never lonely.

Mobile home retirement communities have lots of amenities

Never be bored when you choose to live in a 55+ manufactured home community. These locations are known for offering a wide variety of amenities that allow you to be as busy as you want to be.

For example, here at Bedrock, each of our communities boasts clubhouses, social activities, games, boat ramps, pools, or other amenities that make pursuing your favorite activities easier than ever.

You can rent or purchase manufactured homes

There are advantages to both renting and purchasing a home, and mobile home retirement communities allow you to do both.

Benefits of renting

Why consider renting your mobile home? Consider these benefits of renting:

1. No Home Maintenance Costs

Regardless of whether you buy or rent, property maintenance is provided through your mobile home community. However, when you choose to rent your manufactured home rather than buy, you also avoid the costs, and stress, associated with maintaining that home. That can give you freedom to pursue a more relaxed retirement.

2. Fewer Upfront Costs

When you choose to rent a manufactured home, you also incur fewer costs upfront. You do not, for example, need to provide the down payment or closing costs that are included in a home purchase. That can put your manufactured home within financial reach.

3. Ongoing Flexibility

Renting also gives you flexibility. If your home doesn’t work for you, or if your housing needs change, you can relocate more easily than if you purchase a house and then need to sell it.

Benefits of buying

Why consider buying your mobile home? Here are few advantages of buying:

1. Consistent Monthly Payments

Your monthly mortgage payments might change a little bit, but you never have to worry about rent increases that eat into your monthly budget.

2. Appreciating Property

Homes often appreciate value over time. That makes purchasing a manufactured home an investment that can improve your financial health over the long-term.

3. Customization Options

When you own your own home, you have the option to make it exactly the way you want. Engage in renovation, updates, and personalization projects that can turn your home into the retirement oasis you are dreaming of.

Here at Bedrock Communities, we offer manufactured homes within our communities for both rent and sale. That means that you can afford attainable luxury in Florida’s most desirable locations regardless of whether renting or buying works best for you.

Bedrock Communities exists to make affordable and relaxing retirement possible. Check out any of our 55+ mobile home communities today and discover the comfort of a community designed with you in mind.

7 Things to Know Before Moving to a Mobile Home Community in Florida

Dawn at mobile home community Central Florida

What you need to know before moving to a mobile home community in Central Florida is that these houses are safe and affordable, and offer a number of benefits like clubbing, swimming pools, and outdoor activities for their residents. Every year, more and more seniors search for affordable housing.

Just like Central Florida is the most favored retirement destination, mobile homes, in particular, are their top choice for housing. It certainly doesn’t hurt either that Central Florida has the largest number of retirement homes offering affordable and safe living.

Fort Pierce, Davenport, Lakeland, Peak Drive Tampa, Mt. Dora, Auburndale, and other prominent locations in and around Central Florida are slowly turning to be the major haunts of retirees.

What to know about living in a mobile home park? Here are the top 7 things:

1. Significantly lower taxes

When you live in a mobile home park or a trailer park, you can enjoy a lower cost of living. Florida has significantly lower taxes as compared to the rest of the country. This straightway adds to your saving.

Most senior living communities have single-storey houses that are easier to maintain and feels like you’re forever on vacation. Each community has its own rules regarding buying or renting a home there and provides seniors with safe, entertaining activities within the premises.

2. Warm weather and lots of outdoor activities

So before you make a list of things to do before moving into a mobile home, take a look at the reasons most 55+ retirees prefer going to Central Florida, the Mecca for seniors planning to retire in mobile home communities.

The pleasant Florida sun is an added attraction. Warm weather is one of the major attractions of relocating to the state. You have sun all through the year and can enjoy lots of outdoor activities. Even tourists flock to Florida in search of mild winters and warm summers.

A plethora of outdoor activities keep seniors busy. Although synonymous with white beaches, Florida has plenty of lakes and bays. You can also go hiking through forests and take a boat trip down rivers. Fill your leisure hours with camping, swimming, and riding the waves, especially if you love the sea.

3. Planned communities and reliable healthcare

If you have questions like ‘should I move into a manufactured home?’ lay them to rest in Florida. The state has well-organized manufactured housing and this sector is expected to grow steadily. If you own a mobile home, facilities like trash collection, surveillance, emergency medical care, laundry, and recreation come within easy reach. Also, healthcare facilities for retirees are excellent. And since many retirees move to mobile communities here, hospitals have come up with specialized treatments related to them.

4. Low living expenses

Seniors have spent a big part of their lives in their dream home, renting it or building one. If you think moving from a house to a mobile home is going to be strange and unsafe, here’s what you might find interesting: Mobile homes come with low living expenses. While you need to buy or lease the plot, pay maintenance fees and home association charges; they are still lower than what would you pay for a single-family, custom-built house. Particularly, you pay less when it comes to cost for each square foot of space. As for comfort levels, you live in a quieter neighborhood, socialize with like-minded neighbors, and spend time doing things you like. Walk your pet, tend to your small garden or take a dip in heated swimming pools.

5. Central location

Most of the community homes are in close proximity to supermarkets and medical institutions. Central Florida is not typically beach fronted, you might need to drive a few miles to hear the waves crashing. Yet it has a lot of inland water bodies so you don’t miss out on water activities. It is also cheaper since real estate prices are remarkably lower than in other parts of the country. Another reason is that you can find homes that suit not only your budget but your lifestyle too.

If you are thinking of moving, it is better to take a look at the properties available. Check out its neighborhood and its model houses, and talk to residents if possible. Even if you are not moving, it is always a good option to just take a trip to the state and enjoy the warm sun. In fact, one can see recreational vehicles stopping by such parks frequently. Also, Florida is the annual snowbird destination, with people from all over the colder northern states congregating here to wait out the cold.

6. Easier to maintain

Keep it clean: a no-brainer, but a clean, stain-free, dust-free home is a healthier home. Mobile home ceilings, walls, and floor are not ordinary and might need specialized care if regular upkeep is ignored.

Get fixtures and furnishing especially meant for mobile homes: You can’t buy a doorknob from home depot and expect it to fit on your mobile home door.

Leveling: Once in a while, the house will need to be leveled. Check for wall and floor cracks to know when it’s time for a leveling.

Use appropriate home improvement materials: It is helpful to repair or replace vinyl drywall or printed panel with professional help.

7. Building codes and permits

It usually depends on the community you are moving into. Talk to the association to know about the process and the timeframe. This will give you room to get your papers in order. Check out the available houses. They usually have two bedrooms and baths but features may vary by communities and the budget you set.

Central Florida counties mobile homes info:

For more information about living in a trailer park in Central Florida, get in touch with us. We will help you select and buy your desired house while providing you with financing options. Regular on-site management makes it easier to maintain your home. Drop by one of our locations or contact us today.

10 Best Mobile Home Parks in Central Florida

Kayaking in lake along mobile home park

Mobile home parks are quickly shedding their stigma and becoming the homes of the future. The opportunity to enjoy an affordable, quality home within some of the most desirable locations within Florida makes them increasingly popular, especially among retirees.

Central Florida offers many mobile home communities from which you can choose. The 10 best mobile home parks in central Florida all belong to Bedrock Communities, thanks to their commitment to creating attainable luxury in beautiful Florida locations.

Check out these 55+ communities to learn more and to decide which one might be best for you.

1. Little Manatee

Little Manatee 55+ Community

Little Manatee 55+ Mobile Home Community

A 55+ community nestled along the peaceful Little Manatee River in Ruskin, FL, Little Manatee offers residents on-site access to fishing along with a wealth of other amenities, all located moments from the community’s beautifully-crafted homes.

Close to Tampa Bay, the community offers easy access to the big city and gorgeous beaches, while allowing residents to access more local dining and shopping attractions in Ruskin. With city and town, beach and river, all within reach, Little Manatee offers a truly desirable location.

Add in low housing prices and reasonable lot rents, and Little Manatee earns its place as one of central Florida’s best mobile home parks.

2. Crescent Lake

Crescent Lake Mobile Home Park

Crescent Lake Mobile Home Park

Fishing, boating, and relaxing can become part of your daily routine when you purchase a home in Bedrock’s 55+ Crescent Lake mobile home park. This community exists in the middle of enormous natural beauty within Riverview, Florida.

Nestled along Crescent Lake, near the Alafia River, you enjoy relaxation along the water right outside your front door. Bell Creek Nature Preserve is close by, and amenities such as a boat ramp and fishing pier are situated on site.

This natural beauty gives way to the convenience, attractions, restaurants, and beaches available just 10 miles away in Tampa, 23 miles to St. Petersburg, and less than 100 miles to Orlando.

At Crescent Lake, affordable housing is desirable housing, with a beautiful locale and wonderful amenities for you to enjoy.

3. River Haven

River Haven 55+ community

River Haven 55+ community

For the fisherman at heart, River Haven is the place to be. This 55+ community boasts 59 reasonably-priced home sites just one street away from the Little Manatee River and the state’s best fishing.

For more fishing and big-city attractions, you can take a short boat ride over to Tampa. On-site amenities, including Fish House Restaurant and numerous social activities, as well as a quiet location, allow you to enjoy a beautiful life inside and outside the big city.

For those who want a long vacation and not a permanent relocation, River Haven also offers RV sites that enjoy access to the same amenities and attractions for a beautiful place to live for a season, a year, or a lifetime.

4. Rose Lake

Rose Lake Community

Rose Lake 55+ Community

Located in the heart of Tampa, Rose Lake offers a place to relax, unwind, and enjoy everything Tampa has to offer. Strike out to explore the beaches and attractions of Tampa and stay as busy as you like within the bustling city.

When you tire of the big city life, you can relax within the Rose Lake community. Amenities include many social activities and chances to connect with others, as well as the opportunity to enjoy peace and quiet in your beautiful and affordable home.

Rose Lake is ideal for both permanent residents and snowbirds, for introverts and extroverts. Stay as busy or as relaxed as you like in a community that is designed to help you feel at home.

5. Lake Bon Bon

Lake Bon Bon 55+ community

Lake Bon Bon 55+ community

Comfortable community living awaits at Lake Bon Bon, located in desirable Pinellas Park, Florida. Built around a peaceful lake, this community is beautiful and quiet, the perfect place for quiet retirement living and close-knit community. Take advantage of year-round social activities in the town and in the community, as well as amenities such as a library and a clubhouse.

6. Georgetowne Manor

Georgetowne Manor 55+ community

Georgetowne Manor 55+ community

Lakeland, Florida, is a popular city known for its architecture, history, and lakes. All of the incredible entertainment and shopping in the city is available to residents of Lakeland-based Georgetowne Manor, which is situated within walking distance of numerous attractions.

The community is close-knit, with many social activities throughout the year. Amenities also make this a desirable place to live and include a clubhouse and a heated pool.

7. Lake Bonny

Lake Bonny Mobile Home Park

Lake Bonny Mobile Home Park

Retirement living is at its best at Lake Bonny Mobile Home Park. Also located in Lakeland, FL, this community offers access to the antiques, Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, and natural beauty that make Lakeland a desirable Florida location. Enjoy Hollis Garden, the Polk Museum of Art, Lake Mirror, and access to Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Orlando.

Within Lake Bonny itself, you can enjoy a beautiful community that will welcome you with social activities. Access a boat ramp to enjoy the water, a clubhouse, and other amenities for Florida living that is both affordable and desirable.

8. Citrus Center

Citrus Center mobile home park

Citrus Center mobile home park

Quiet community living is available at Lakeland-based Citrus Center. This 55+ community is situated within Lakeland, FL, where you can enjoy all the natural beauty, architecture, and history the city has to offer.

If you want to travel further for big-city fun and beaches, Tampa is a mere 35 miles away. If you want to stay closer to home, you can enjoy local restaurants, culture, and entertainment, or take advantage of the community’s social activities and amenities.

9. Sunny Pines

Sunny Pines 55+ community

Sunny Pines 55+ community

If Disney appeals to you, then Sunny Pines might be the 55+ mobile home park that is right for you. This small community of 50 home sites and 6 RV sites is situated near Orlando and all of its attractions.

If you want to enjoy entertainment closer to home, you can also shop in Mount Dora or at other major shopping centers about 5 miles from the community.

10. Singing Forest

Singing Forest MHP

Singing Forest MHP

Tranquil, simple living beckons at Singing Forest Mobile Home Park. The appeal of this community is its stunning natural beauty, including tall trees and quiet pond, and lighted fountain.

Take advantage of this beauty in one of the community’s beautiful and affordable home sites, and enjoy access to boat docks, Orlando, and Tampa. Numerous social activities, a clubhouse, billiards, and more offer ongoing opportunities for connection and relationships with those in the community.

Bedrock Communities‘ numerous mobile home parks are all pet-friendly and designed for luxury, affordability, and desirability. Find your perfect Florida home at one of them today!

Pet-Friendly Do’s and Don’ts in Mobile Home Parks

Smiling Woman with happy dog

If you own a pet, you know a precious kind of love. They come to share not only your home but also your life. However, if you live in a mobile home community, you have to abide by their pet policy. There are neighborhoods that do not allow residents to own any pet (bird, animal, or fish) while there are others that are more favorably disposed towards animals. Even those who do allow pets have very clear rules in place.

Before you bring home your new companion, here are some Dos and Don’ts you need to know for their welfare (and for your peace of mind):


1. Understand how the community’s pet policy works

Does the manufactured home community you are looking to settle in allow pets? If they don’t, look elsewhere. Bringing along your pet in such a community is a breach of contract, and no one wants to get into the mess that follows.

Even if you can’t find a pet-friendly place within your preferred location right away, don’t lose heart. Sometimes community websites do not reflect the most recent updates. Pick up the phone and call them to ask about the details of their pet policy.

2. Find out what breeds are allowed

Little Manatee bark park with fence

Bark park in Little Manatee mobile home community, Ruskin, FL.

Some mobile home communities, like Little Manatee, value your relationship with your pet and even have a dog park where your pooch can romp about. This kind of amenity makes your life easier, since your pets can get their daily dose of exercise without disturbing others.

Some communities do not allow more than one pet. Some only allow certain breeds, and they may even have restrictions on animals over a certain weight.

3 Get them licensed and tagged

Certain mobile home communities require owners to keep their pets vaccinated. Their animals must wear a collar with the owner’s name, contact number and the location of their lot. This helps when you need to retrieve a lost pet. Also, owners must have proper pet licenses as mandated by local authorities.

4. Keep them on leash at all times

Even if you live in a pet-friendly community, it is a good practice to keep your dog or cat restrained and safe. Most manufactured homes do not have standard fences between lots and this can become problematic if your pet develops a habit of checking on your neighbor. Leash training is a must for pets, since it keeps them calm and relaxed around other people. Keeping pets leashed also prevents them from escaping or losing their way home.

5. Spay or Neuter

Some pets need to be spayed or neutered when they reach a certain age. This not only ensures a healthier life for existing pets but also makes for a successful co-existence of your pet babies and human friends. Check community policies regarding spaying and neutering, and ensure a healthy life for your fur babies.

All the above contribute towards safe living for both your pet and your neighbors.


1. Don’t bring in pet breeds deemed ‘dangerous’ by the community

In many places, Pit Bull, German Shepherd, Alaskan Malamute, Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher and Siberian Husky’s are out of bounds. Similarly, pets in a water tank are also not allowed in certain communities. If you plan to bring along exotic or banned breeds, you might as well look for another place to hang your coat.

2. Don’t leave your pets unattended at any time, especially when outside

Sometimes your cat or dog may venture far from home, bark at a neighbor or tear into their flower beds. You will end up paying for the damage. In addition, some of your neighbours may be allergic to fur. Some communities accept a pet deposit as insurance against accidental damages brought about by your four-legged friend.

Additionally, communities usually provide spaces where your pets can relieve themselves. Homeowners must make sure they train their animals to use those spaces. It is also required that pet parents clean up after them and follow approved ways of bagging and disposing of pet waste. They should help maintain hygienic conditions in the entire community.

3. Don’t set up commercial pet breeding without authorization

Things like commercial breeding of pets might be restricted in some areas, so make sure you know the community policy on this. Besides, unless you are a properly licensed breeder, your practice may come into conflict with local authorities.

Consider all these Do’s and Don’ts before you decide to bring a pet into your new mobile home. Make sure pets are allowed before you seal the deal and save yourself heartache later.

Are Manufactured Homes the Future of Housing?

Futuristic modular house

Manufactured homes are not the latest trend to hit the U.S housing market. Take a look at these Google Trends to see how far ahead ‘manufactured homes’ is in U.S. interest since 2010. Also, they have been around for decades as war veterans can testify.

Manufactured housing trend

What is most recent about them is the technology upgrade they have realized. As these prepare to hold significant stakes in the country’s housing industry soon, pre-built homes have begun offering customers affordability and unlimited choices for customization.

What exactly are manufactured homes?

Think of them as a home that arrives in the mailbox. These houses are entirely manufactured and assembled in factories. Post-production, they are transported to the site, and they remain there, usually permanently. With building codes and compliances kicking in, these houses are now built with high-grade materials that minimize the need for repair and restoration.

What are the features of factory-built mobile homes?

They may be single-wide or double-wide units and usually cover at least three hundred square feet of living area. Customers can select features they wish to be built in, for instance, decks and patios. They are especially favored by many first-time homeowners who want to possess a small, low-maintenance house for themselves.

7 Reasons Why Seniors Love Factory-Made Homes

Modern static caravan on campsite during summer

Modern static caravan on campsite during summer.

These are useful options as post-retirement lodgings. And every year, the number of retired seniors is rising. The upsides of owning such a home are many:

1. Zero Anxiety of Homeownership

With some of these homes making up age-specific communities, the elderly population does not have to worry about the labors of homeownership – lawn mowing, trash removal, maintenance and such additional duties.

2. Health and Leisure Benefits

These mobile home communities or parks are usually equipped with facilities like community clubs, jogging tracks, gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts and occasionally, small golfing areas.

3. Security

Most of these are gated communities. There is always some form of surveillance actively protecting their properties, especially when there’s no one around.

4. A Sense of Belongingness

With like-minded neighbors, seniors find it easy to make friends. This chance of companionship is also what draws them to these homes.

5. Custom Designing

These houses are no longer humble trailers that looked unflattering on its owners. Shabby, rickety trailers are out, and custom-made models are gaining footing. Single or double storied, these living spaces often reflect their owner’s personality in terms of the paints, finishes, floor plans, furnishings and accessories.

A home needs to be built around a family’s needs. More so with modular homes that optimize the available area. There are walk-in showers, Jacuzzi, floor-to-ceiling windows, fireplaces, and wooden floors – anything you want to be added to your home building project can be added to your manufactured unit. All these are installed, and most are ready to use when your house arrives at the location.

6. Energy Efficiency

Modern mobile homes are made with an eye on energy usage. Unlike older homes, these living spaces come well-equipped with HVAC systems, high-grade fixtures and equipment that cut down on energy waste and regulate its use inside the house. So, on the one hand, you enjoy low utility bills while on the other, you reduce your carbon footprint.

Not just that. In the construction of such homes too, builders frequently make use of recycled and biodegradable materials, reducing the load on landfills. These homes are recommended for the long run since they decrease stress on the environment and are sustainable.

7. Affordability

Mobile home communities are growing in popularity not only for the close community bond it fosters. Pricing plays a significant role too. While traditional homes cost around $200,000 for a basic, single-family unit, a pre-made house can come at a fraction of the price tag. In some states, for instance, pre-owned is up for sale at $10,000 and up, while new ones around $90,000. An attractive offer, retiring seniors cannot afford to miss.

Why? Because in most cases, they own a house too large for their living and too expensive to maintain. By selling off their older home, they can achieve two targets at once:

  1. Own a low maintenance house, and
  2. Put some money in the bank.

Another factor that affects the final cost is the parking fee. The house price does not include the land it stands on, and park owners can charge upwards of $100 each month for park fee. Yet, community members often end up owning those parks and do away with recurring expenses.

Furthermore, without an owned piece of land to anchor the home, it is often treated as a motor vehicle. And as such, it undergoes depreciation over time. However, once it is attached to the ground, the decline in its value slows down as it is then considered an item of accommodation.

The Bottom Line

Manufactured homes are gradually emerging as the next big home option for most Americans. They are compact, built around safety codes, and offer flexibility on features and design. All these, without burdening you with loans or eating into your lifestyle choices.

In other cases, they offer Millennials the chance to move away from time and resource-consuming home building and give them something that follows modern trends. It is now seen as a practical and respectable financial choice to buy or rent manufactured homes.

With communities gearing up security features and big investors entering the segment, mobile homes are all set to push past conventional housing and forge ahead of its time. While it is not slated to be the next home out of a science-fiction saga, it is certainly built at the junction of inexpensive housing and future-forward technology.