10 Must-Have Amenities in Mobile Home Communities

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Mobile home communities, manufactured home communities, or simply rental home communities are a top choice among US citizens of all age groups. These communities are now open to all, whether adults, seniors, or retired seniors.

If you are searching for mobile home communities to move into, there are some considerations to make. Here is a list of the top 10 must-have amenities you should look for in a mobile home community.

1.    Well-lit and spacious rooms

Dark spaces hinder productivity and make you feel less energetic. Hence, a well-lit mobile home community should always be your priority. The rooms and house should be filled with natural light all day. This is also power-efficient and helpful in cutting down on electricity bills.

If you like open spaces, make sure the rooms in the mobile home community are spacious enough not to make you feel claustrophobic. Take a look at the wardrobe space as well. Such small prerequisites are often overlooked but, in reality, can improve the quality of life.

A newly completed parking lot with freshly painted yellow lines to mark the stalls.

2.    Closed parking space

If you own a vehicle or two, a proper parking space matters. No one wants to start the day on a bad note. However, parking mismanagement is often one of the reasons for heated conversations in living communities. Therefore, ensure your chosen mobile home community has a separate closed parking space or an off-street parking space within its assigned lot.

A space for visitor or guest parking would be a huge plus too. This would be essential if you have frequent visitors at your home.

3.    Recreation facility

If you have kids, having recreation options is a must. Even if you are a senior and love sports, a recreation area with a proper walking path, a basketball court, a badminton court, and table tennis rooms is a huge must. A recreation area will motivate you to get out of your house in the evening and spend quality time socializing.

Kids’ play areas and parks also allow overly enthusiastic kids to burn some of their energy. This also aids them in getting a good night’s sleep.

A library, theater, gym, and club rooms are also found in well-known mobile home communities. Ensure you are looking for a few community amenities that suit your lifestyle.

4.    Separate laundry (utility room) room and hook-ups

Adding minor amenities may make you look picky, but they are immensely helpful in the long run. A separate laundry room is a huge plus, especially if you have many laundry loads. Also, see that the room has proper laundry hook-ups where you can set up your washing machine.

However, if you cannot afford a washing machine or the machine is out of service, a public laundry room in the community also becomes a lifesaver.

If none of the above two ticks, a laundromat should be nearby within walking distance. Depending on your priorities, you should consider these amenities.

5.    Pet friendly

Senior man with dog and cat on his lap on bench

If you own a pet, a non-pet-friendly mobile home community is out of the question. Most mobile home communities welcome pets and their owners very graciously these days. You can find many such mobile home communities in Florida. However, it is always better to double-check with the concerned community before moving in with your pet.

A good pet-friendly community may be a step ahead in being pet-friendly. Such communities may include a pet play area and a dedicated pet space.

6.    Access to high-speed internet

Free high-speed wifi has become necessary in this digital era, with everyone on their mobile phone most of the day. The internet is needed to watch your favorite shows online, work from home, place online orders, and various other purposes. Thus, having a wifi connection at home is no longer optional.

Ensure your mobile home community provides proper access to free internet or wifi. If not, the homes should at least be equipped with proper cables and sockets, so it’s easier to have an internet connection of your own.

7.    Furnished or unfurnished

Do you already have home furnishings and appliances of your own? If yes, an unfurnished mobile home community would not pose a problem for you. However, a furnished mobile home community will be more viable if you want to start your life from scratch.

A furnished mobile home community includes everything — dishwasher, refrigerator, in-built stove and oven, ceiling fans, air conditioner, and so on. Look at your requirements before making a decision. Just ensure you are not settling for less.

8.    Green spaces

The greener it is, the better. To subdue the effects of climate change, it’s essential to prefer a home community with a lot of green landscaping. If you are into gardening and love having your own little green space, you can also look for a good backyard or garden space on your mobile home community lot.

Senior woman in her garden harvesting tomatoes

This way, you will also do your bit to reduce your carbon footprint. You can also enjoy home-grown fruits and vegetables from your garden.

A green mobile home community gives extra attention to maintaining the area’s greenery. It also ensures that the waste is disposed of responsibly, following the waste segregation principles.

9.    Access to external amenities

Additionally, the location of your mobile home community should be in a prime and central location. It is a must to have access to necessary amenities like grocery stores, hospitals, schools, and transportation facilities nearby or within walking distance. This ensures you do not waste time commuting to meet your basic needs.

Having entertainment places like coffee shops, malls, sports clubs, and parks nearby is also a huge plus.

10. On-site maintenance facilities

As you begin to live in a home, you realize you need help from plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and house help more frequently than you believed you would. Having an on-site maintenance crew is thus a huge savior. You can call the emergency number and have someone attend to your troubles quickly.

Do not overlook this amenity, especially if your schedule is super busy. It’s a huge relief when you know you can call for maintenance in no time if any of your appliances stop working at the end of the day.

Moreover, good security measures like deadbolts, no hidden black spots, and a security guard system can make a living in a mobile home community safe and sound.

Final Words

Well-lit homes, maintenance services, free Wi-Fi, landscaping areas, proper parking spaces, and recreational facilities are some of the must-have amenities one cannot do without in a mobile home community.

Portrait of senior couple smiling at parkHaving these amenities allows residents to live a satisfied and content life. Though happiness is subjective, living a stress-free life matters a lot. A mobile home community taking care of all worries makes a lot of difference in living a quality life. That said, if you are looking for mobile home communities in Florida and Georgia, contact us today to learn more.

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