5 Best Areas to Retire in Central Florida Without Hurricanes

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If you are a snowbird, you will be happy to know that Central Florida has some of the best places to retire without hurricanes.

Florida has been vulnerable to hurricanes since the mid-80s. It is said that 41% of the total hurricanes in the US hit the land of Florida in some way or another.

If you have seen the map of Florida, you would know it is shaped like an inverted right angle. It is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico on two sides and the Atlantic on the other. This increases its vulnerability to hurricanes, particularly during the holiday season, which runs from June 1 to November 30. However, this doesn’t put the entire state of Florida into a hurricane-prone zone. Some least-prone areas are northeast Florida and inland Florida (closer to North Florida).

That said, there are various options and areas to retire in Florida without hurricanes. Let’s find them out.

1. Orlando

Aerial view of Orlando, FL home communities

Orlando is one of the largest cities in Central Florida, with a population of 255,000 residents. Since Orlando is not directly situated on Florida’s Atlantic coast, it is less prone to hurricanes. The city doesn’t face the direct brunt of hurricanes and simultaneously allows you to enjoy its effects in the form of calmer winds and pleasant weather.

One of the best parts of living in Orlando is the number of mobile home communities here, making your retirement fun-filled and an abundance of relaxation.

2. Lake Land

Lakeland, Fl lake

Within proximity of Tampa Bay, Lake Land can be another best area to retire in Florida without hurricanes.

Situated in the central area of Florida, Lake Land is regarded as a very low-risk hurricane zone. The best part is that Tampa is just a 45-minute away drive from Lake Land. This means ample opportunity to enjoy the Tampa Bay beaches on weekends or whenever possible.

Residents can also enjoy lake visits within the Lake Land, all thanks to its 38 lakes. It also contains some of Florida’s best mobile home parks including Citrus Center, Lake Bonny, and Colonial Village, to name a few.

3. Ruskin

Pier in Central Florida

Ruskin lies in the central east area of Florida. Like other cities on this list, Ruskin is also not prone to hurricanes and is regarded as a good growing community with new homes and a peaceful lifestyle.

Just 25 miles from Tampa and within the proximity of beautiful beaches, fishing areas, and a small-town feel, Ruskin, FL, is one of the finest cities in Florida for retirees. If you are a pet owner, you can also find a plethora of pet-friendly mobile home parks. You can live a snowbird life with access to many mobile parks such as Little Manatee or River Haven.

4. Winter Haven

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Again, we added Winter Haven to the list as it is in central Florida, making it less vulnerable to hurricanes.

Winter Haven is also home to the safest mobile parks in Florida, like the Cypress Harbor. For retirees, White Haven will be perfect with the closest proximity to places of interest like Lake Dexter, Peppa Big Theme park, resorts, Lego brick attractions, forest trail, wetlands in the west of the city, Lake Eloise, and much more.

Furthermore, Winter Haven has a minimal population of only 52,287 people, making it the finest for retirement plans.

5. Clearwater

Clearwater beach skyline

If you don’t mind moving closer to the coast, Clearwater in the central east region of Florida can also be a good option for enthusiastic retirees.

One of the best and safest mobile parks in Clearwater is known as New Ranch. It is a good place for mobile home rentals in Florida for snowbirds too.

Being a retiree, living in Clearwater, FL, would mean enjoying the sunny weather within the very proximity of freshwater beaches. The nearest airport to Clearwater is St. Petersburg. Clearway is just 7.8 miles away from St. Petersburg.

If you are into water sports, this is a place to be for fishing, kayaking, boating, and more. It is a high-risk zone for hurricanes, but hasn’t seen any destruction recently.

If you want to retire in Florida without having to worry about hurricanes, you should look into the Central Florida areas listed above.

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